Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Give My Love

My lord sees me not
My path he does not cross
Alone am I inside this stone tower
Cursed in crime by deeds my own

Dreams of him who does not breathe
Whose life I took in mine own agony
The soul I crave wanders beneath
Searching for one his love thus lost

A tangled web of lies, deceit such dishonor
Jealousy and rage of another
This curse of love has destroyed a life
Another stands waiting for deaths release

Bring him Goddess bring him back
Give him breath with sweet life
Let him love find happiness
His pure soul was offered thus

Mine soul I offer for Hades touch
Return my love to Mother’s earth
Tis my heart he holds no other does own
Help him forget that it was me

I beseech thee now open the veil
Let me enter I give my life
The underworld is what I wish
Take my hand for I fear not

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44 Summer Stories said...

Wow. If you take an epic novel and condense it down to the dramatic core of emotions, this would be it. What a fabulously classic love tale, and yet marvelously unique. I loved reading this Saroya. Your emotions were perfectly portrayed in your words. LOVE