Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pun, Obsessed with Sex

Obsessed with sex so complex
Sex is old, sex is new, flex your sex
Under, over, on all fours
Sex can be done out of doors

On the floor near the door
In the bed, foot or head
Abstinence is dead

Sex is fun shun your inhibition
Don’t get stuck doing the mission
Transitions submission no opposition

Ever had a musician?
How about an electrician
Or blown a politician?
Ah now how about a magician

Now see what I have done
Wrote a pun, pinched your bum
Surely I shall be undone
So hun, not to be outdone

Sex is older than dirt
Now come lift my skirt
I will make you squirt
How about dessert

5/13/09 ©Saroya Poirier

1 comment:

Daytona Monroe said...

Very good, it made me lol. DM ;-) xxx