Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Mother

Today January 15th is my mother's birthday.

Born January 15, 1930
Eva Rose Poirier, French(grandpa was from Quebec) and German (grandma 1st generation American born) decent.
Married 6 times
Ralph Mennie 1946, Martin Strausbaugh 1955, Jerry Ass hole Holden November 1963 for 6 weeks, Leo Gee 1966, OH my gosh I forgot one, farmer in George WA,  and last Don Ziegler, I don't remember the date

Car wreck, drinking and driving, 1975, broken neck, actually crushed 5&6 C vertebra, low quadriplegic.

Died June 11, 1977  age 47, I am older then my mom.

Mom I am thinking about you.

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