Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wine can be Devine

Hey there everyone!!

I decided to have a glass of wine tonight. I don't drink alcohol often.. sometimes a glass a week, and on occasion every night.. But that doesn't have every year.  Heck, it doesn't happen every week nor every month.
So this very night I decided why not, I said to myself, "self, you bought some wine, why not have a glass."
My self said, "hell yes", is it good?  Self said, " the hell if I know".   So I amble down the hall to the kitchen and open, or rather, try, to open that bottle of wine from QFC (Koger) grocery store.  I put in the opener, twist, twist, that thing that ends up with arms up in the air, and push them down.  Then I pull, wiggle, pull, squeak, squeak, twist, pull, screw the thing deeper into the cork, push those arms down AGAIN, and pull, pull.. YES ta da the cork is out.  Cool uh?

I am so good !!! LAUGHING.. one glass and I am buzzed.  This is fun.  Oh kay, the name of this wondrous beverage is, are you ready?  Well it is...... are you sure you are ready?  The Chocolate Lovers Wine... not bad, not bad at all.  Not as chocolaty as Coco Vine, but hey, do you really want to drink chocolate all the time? Well hell no you don't.

So tonight, I am so happy there is spell check on blogspot.  Laughing, Hey who snorted ?  Oh that was me.

Hey everyone, want a glass of wine??  Hay is for horses,, Hey hey need a lay?

Just call, 555  oh wait, um, well heck.. you are going to have to go buy your own wine.. Laughing hysterically.   Thank the gods of spell check.

Laughing wildly like a demented old broad.. ? old?  is only a matter of years, the mind is younger then you are.

just a little tipsy

now to push the publish button and!!!!!!  ;o) I think there is a boo boo, but I can't find it.


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