Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What Did You Say?

What You Say how you say it
Did they understand or misinterpret?
Reword speak slower try not to give offence
Yet…..It didn’t work
They take offence where none was given

Try again saying it different, and then wait
Ah not again I cannot say another way
Seems to give offense no matter what I say 
I wonder if they really listen

Notice that they do not try to phrase their words
Just open mouth and blurt it out, no care
Then expect you will not care or will forgive
So they say all manner of things that show no thought

Just open mouth insert foot, I have done that, with no ill intent
But sometimes I wonder do they really listen or only to themselves
So maybe for a while I will say not at all, and then only say what I mean
No matter if they understand or take offense
If they have to think just what was said will they know or not

The issue is, can I do that, yes I can
But will I do that, I know how,
But it has been so long that I am not sure
Should I shouldn’t I only time will tell

Saroya Poirier     October 30, 2012

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