Friday, October 12, 2012

The Wonderful world of the Internet

The internet is both wondrous and horrific.   We learn, explore, and are bombarded by ads, spam, scum, friends, family, lovers and strangers.  It is all very overwhelming at times.   An email saying this politician lies; this is the truth, when in reality what they are sending you is not the truth.  Unless you are diligent, do your own research you could easily believe all the hype, the crap being sent via the internet.   Oh don’t forget the beggars, send me this, I need that.  Sick children who in reality are all grown up and very healthy, they no longer neither want nor need used Christmas cards or that dollar you are asked to send.

In the privacy of your home, bedroom, study, closet, you say, do and act in a way you night never do in front of anyone you know and certainly not someone you don’t know.  You trust that the person on the receiving end of your email or text is being as truthful as yourself that is if you are really naïve.  Some of us are truthful, honest and open with those we interact with via the air waves of the internet.

As for believing everything you read we worry about our grandparents being taken in, though that does happens, it is our children that can be most damaged by what they post or read online.  Bullying and sexting can you imagine trying to explain to your grandchildren that you sent obscene pictures of yourself to a boy that turned out to be a old pervert when you were 12. 

Heck it was hard enough in the early 1960s for a girl who gave up her virginity to a boy she thought she loved, only to go to school on Monday and have everyone calling her a whore as she walked to her locker.  I had that happen to me. 

There are days I just cannot listen or watch the news.  The problems of the world look at me from my computer. Listening to the radio I will hear several times in the hour local or nationwide news.  Then throw in the international goings on, it can just be too damn much.  Just how informed do we really need to be?  We can’t solve the world’s problems; we can’t even solve our own.

Maybe we should stop trying to help people who don’t want us to help them, and don’t seem to care if they get their own act together. Ever hear of the old adage of “God helps those who help themselves”?  So just when are those other place going to help themselves, fix their own towns, cities, countries?   Ever? Never?  Whenever.

Saroya     Saturday October 12, 2012

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44 Summer Stories said...

You've covered a lot of topics Saroya! (insert applause here) The internet is a bottomless pit of information: some valid; some not so valid. Masses of adults are being led around with a hook through the nose, believing what they read. Countless numbers of kids are being led around too; inexperienced about who's telling the lies and what the consequences will be tomorrow.