Saturday, December 1, 2007


Ah, today, blue skies, few clouds, leaves falling all around.
Staring out the window, watching birds fly, squirrels skitter round.

Children making messes, cleaning up after them.
Looking around, smiles, big hugs from little arms.

Blue eyes in a freckled face,
mischief, giggles, running feet.
Green eyes with determination and grace.
growing tall and free to be whatever she desires to be.
Blonde hair long and fine, intelligence divine.
Eyes so big and blue, color of azure sky.
These are my girls, little to tall.

Blue eyes, blonde hair gone wild.
Motor bikes, water sports.
Brown eyes, brown hair, quick and slim.
Skiing, sports running everywhere.
These are my little men, so far grandma's arms.
How will their lives go?
Will they follow the good road?
Only time will tell what their future holds.

My grandchildren young and old, big and small.
Grandma loves you all.

T.A. Mennie

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