Tuesday, December 25, 2007

cooking for 3 days

This year we were making cookies, for two days the 22nd & 23rd. ONLY four batches, but well, that was 10 dozen a day in a 43 year old oven. Remember Bewitched? In black and white? Did you ever look at the oven in her kitchen with the pull out draw? That is the oven I have. Only hers was a double oven, oven is on top with a lift up door. Burners are in a pull out drawer. I have a single oven and only 3 out of 4 burners still works.

Oven runs about 25 degrees hot. But we managed. THEN on the 24th, we made comfort food. FOUR casserole dishes of scalloped potatoes. You know, ham, cheese, potatoes, onions,butter, milk. One dish went home with my son, the last third of another went home with my oldest daughter. I am giving some to my Dad and Step-mom, and everyone last night ate a whole one. Leaving one left, so we don't have to cook for today.

Of the cookies, we filled three gallon bags, one for son, one for Uncle Steve, one for my stepson and his wife, for a gift. A quart bag for a friend. A tin to my oldest daughter. We ate the rest.
ALL that cooking cookies and they are gone.

We have been honing this recipe for 2 days, with each batch of cookies, and setting the oven to the exact temp. I finally have a temp gauge to put in the oven. Considering I have been making these cookies every so often for 40 years. But I didn't have a temp gauge for the oven until this year. LOL I just assumed it was still working correctly. NO WONDER I can't bake pizza without burning it. LOL you can think it, and if you must, just say it! OH DUH

Fruit cookies old family recipe
Set oven 350 cooking time approximate 18 min
2 cups brown sugar
2 cups white sugar
2 cube's butter or margarine very soft.
3 eggs
Splash of vanilla , to taste
8 oz. Apple sauce
Drain & chop 1 can Peaches
Drain & chop 1 can apricots
Nuts (optional)
Chocolate chips small bag.
After all ingredients are together
2 teaspoons Cinnamon
3 teaspoon baking powder (fresh) put in sifter with first flour

ADD flour, sift into mixture, until you get a drop cookie consistency.
No I do not know exactly how much flour, it depends on how much liquid is in the fruit. I have tried over the years to measure, it is never the same.
They are a Cake like cookie, They are not supposed to be hard or crunchy, may only get slightly brown or just around the edges.

Also, they are, strange. When you take a bite, you may be unsure, but you will need to taste another one just to be sure. Then of course that one will not make up your mind either so you will eat just one more. As you sit down to watch TV, write, read or lay in bed, the cookies will call to you. So it will be imperative to get up and get another one. After all, with all that fruit they must be healthy. The cookies have as much sugar as a batch of chocolate chips cookies, but you get so many MORE cookies then you do in a batch of chocolates chips cookies. So the fruit cookies have less sugar per cookie. SEE I told you they were healthy.

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Saroya said...

the amount of flour is a little over 6 cups