Friday, September 7, 2012


Hairy feet, hairy toes
Hairy pits, hairy nose

Hair for this hair for that
Sometimes tit for tat
Imagine that

Cover hair, vanished there
Shave it, clip it, wax that hair
Smooth as silk or prickly snatch

Winter hair, summer flair
Scrap it, pluck it, chuck it
Grow it, hide it, slide it

Hair removal stinky cream
Hairlessness is a dream
It has become a theme

Hate to break the news
Don’t want you to get the blues
But hair covers everywhere

Growing hair should to be there
See it disappear just to be bare
Ever see a bald bear in her lair

So bear up ladies and gents
Comb it, brush it, soap it
Braid it pretty and floss 
©Saroya Poirier   September 7, 2012