Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Kiss

There is an empty space in my brain
Only the static noise inside my heard
A hole where my soul should be

Taken on a moonless night,
Taken flight that night
Snatched so quickly I hardly felt its loss

Should I be worried that it is gone?
Should concern fill me with dread?
Will something else fill me instead?

I wait, quiet in the night, hiding in the light
Waiting just waiting, keeping out of sight
Quickening pulse, fighting for breath

Someone has come no fear no fright
A cold hand to hold, eyes that glow
He has come for me to have and hold

He brings something to replace my soul
Pulling me out under the moon
Listening for the sound of hearts that beat

Listening for you to come
Needing you close to kiss
Taking your soul so quick

You’ll hardly notice it is gone
I promise this with my kiss
Follow me now before the light is come

©Saroya Poirier   September 29, 2012

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