Sunday, March 28, 2010

I have no Words to Count

I have no words to count
Upon the floor they mount
A mess it is lost within a mind
A jumble of useless words I find

Words lying about gathering dust
A flood of words for which I lust
Slipping frustratingly away
They come and go each day

Clueless words slip under foot
Their count too numerous to input
Chasing this one crunching that
Common phrases that go flat

Nothing special nothing smart
No imagery can they impart
Watch them flutter then depart
Thus you see is mine own art

Only simple words linger
Like an old forgettable singer
Then run hide like a virgin bride
That I hurtfully denied

Most frustrating hidden from sight
Most exasperating swells to incite
Taking wing on a cloudy night
My words so simple so right

Saroya Poirier © 3/21/2010

1 comment:

44 Summer Stories said...

Clever weave of words my friend. Very well arranged.