Sunday, November 18, 2007

I dance in a Dream

I dance in a dream

She steps onto the stage.
Crossing a line from this world to another.
A world of dream, a world of dance.
A world of joy and beauty.

Wrapped in veils of mystery.
She dances, she twirls,
She moves in grace upon the stage

The goddess of dance welcomes her,
Enters her, gives her wings to fly.
Arms lift, veils drift, upon the winds of imagination.

She stops, she sighs, she quivers with inner delight,
She smiles, slowly opens her eyes,
She looks at only one, bringing him into her world.
But which one, which gaze, soon all have entered,
Soon all are amazed..
The joy, the love, grace of her dance has them all entranced.

They who watch are now part of her dream,
Palaces of long ago, sheiks, harems,
midnight rides upon a pure white steed,
Thoughts of love and romance.
Gods old and new,
All who watch, sing praises of delight.

She has entertained their senses
Brought beauty to their eyes
Gave them joy of movement
Pleasure of soul

Soon all is over, as she dances away
Taking with her, her dreams of an imaginary place,
And imaginary time.

By Saroya Poirier
Friday, August 09, 2002

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