Wednesday, October 8, 2014

When I die

When I die
I don't want false tears.
If you loved me, be happy I was in your life.
Laugh, cry if you need too and hug everyone.
Remember that part of me will always be with you.
Wear happy colors, don't be somber.
If you didn't like me, don't pretend you did.
If you are happy I am gone, remember, you're next.
Plant a tree with me, apple, cedar, pine, or cherry.
When my tree is big, climb me, swing from my branches.
When my tree bears fruit, eat me, I promise juicy flavor.
If I loved  you, that love lives in you, now pass it on.
Think of the good times, I hope you have at least one.
Love never dies it surrounds you.
Laugh about all those silly things I did, now do some of your own.

I love you


©Saroya Poirier October 8, 2014

HEY NOT yet, I am not going anytime too soon, I hope.

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