Tuesday, September 30, 2014

All answers in permanent  black ink, no pencil
Permission to have sex

Circle one
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?                        Yes         no
If the answer is yes do you still want to fuck?      Yes         no
If the answer is no, you may disregard the rest of the questionnaire
May I kiss you on the lips              yes        no
May I kiss you on the neck           yes         no
May I grab your tit                           yes         no
May I suck on your nipple            yes         no
Blow job (suck dick)                        yes         no
                (can I eat your pussy)     yes         no
Can I fuck your pussy?                   Yes         no
With Condom                                   yes         no
Can I fuck your ass?                        Yes         no
With condom                                     yes         no
Can I suck your toes                        yes         no
Bondage                                              yes         no
Submission                                         yes         no
Whips, chains etc                             yes         no
Can I be on top?                               Yes         no
Unless stated otherwise this is a one night fuck, do you understand ?     YES         NO
No phone number exchange
Thank you for your participation
Signed_____________, fuckee
Signed __________ fucker
Witnessed ___________

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