Tuesday, April 2, 2013

OH MY GOD, oh my gosh, we are so screwed.

WHY you ask?

Everything we broadcast, radio, TV, CB, shortwave, long wave whatever it is, shoots off into outer space, more so now that we have satellites above our planet. Those life, different from us, forms, in or out of our galaxy know exactly how we win and destroy invaders of all kinds.

 Think about it, we make movies about defeating invaders from beyond our galaxy.
They will eventually, after they watch all the “I love Lucy” reruns will know all our secrets of defense and/or lack of it.

They will also know all about the vampires, werewolves and walking dead that live on our planet.  That we every day interact with, sleep with or run screaming from.  Maybe that is good, just maybe that will scare them from trying to invade our little blue planet.  I mean who really allows the stinky rotting dead to continue to occupy space on any planet.   At least vampires don’t stink, and werewolves just smell like wet dogs at their worst.   

I came to this conclusion after watching a wonderful, cough, invaders from outer space movie, Battleship. 

It was an awaking; really I woke up this morning and went OH shit, what have we done?

Well it is time for a new battle plan to keep invaders off this planet.  Put on your thinking caps; use only paper to pass this information around. 

No electronics  beings on other planets are listening.

Be safe. 


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44 Summer Stories said...

Don't worry about it Saroya. Their tv shows have been broadcasting too, and several years ago I built a receiver into a hidden compartment in my icebox. I ... wait. Uh oh. I accidentally transmitted this via electronics.