Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Old Cedar Tree

It is cool and dark down here
Snuggled tightly deep underground
Wound around the roots of an old cedar tree

I would dig myself out for all to see
There would be no solitude quiet or safety
So here I stay secure in the grasp of this old tree

No one here to haunt me no one here to taunt me
The years roll by here I lie rotting away day by day
As the tree grows taller the less there is of me

All you’ll find should search for me, is bones
There may still be worms lovingly eating me
But that is the way it is supposed to be

If you want the cool and dark
I invite you down underground
I will wait to help you see
It’s not so bad being part of the tree
So come along with the worms and me

©Saroya Poirier   June 17, 2012

1 comment:

alex-ness said...

Your work is sublime.