Sunday, May 13, 2012

When I am gone

Will you pick up the phone to call me?
Will you wonder what I would say on this particular day?
Will you understand why I related what I learned along my way?

When you need advice will you remember what I taught you?
Will you pass it on to your child, one who may never know me?
Will you understand then why I so often repeated myself?

Our time is shorter then we think, it is over in a flash.
The day came when I realized that my time was not infinite.
That one day, five, ten, twenty years or a few more,
Might be all that is left to me, it was such a surprise.

What happened to forever?
Did I do enough? Did I love enough?
Did I give enough?  Will you remember me?

I often think I missed so much, did I?
Did I make my mark no matter how small?
Will someone say about my life?
“I wish you could have met her, she met so much to me.”

But I won’t be here to know, to hear, and to see on your way.
Just the traces of my existence in the people I love.
 I will always and forever love you.

© Saroya Poirier     May 13, 2012
Mom, grandmother, the one who thinks you are perfect no matter what.

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