Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It is okay to do this young, but try it old and you are undone.

Foolish, silly inclined to fun, raucous, wild free that’s how it should be.

As you grow normal it’s said, to poke and prod at every thought.

When you are old the look is different, senile, odd, best to avoid.

As you grow encouragement applies, try it, do it, no matter how inappropriate.

Stayed, respectable is the domain of the aged, respectable is quite acceptable.

Try it, learn it, make mistakes, bring it, leave it. Love it, lose it.

When it is thought you are this or are that, to be something other take’s all aback.

Have you gone where you shouldn’t when many thought you couldn’t or wouldn’t.

Then step aside to do that or this it puts some off not expecting that.

Are you strange or just being you, well sorry you say, it was time for a coup.

For now let’s say, it is quid pro quo sorry you felt it was imbroglio.

©Saroya Poirier December 13, 2011

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